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Achievement Wall (Revised: 5/11/2012)

III A timeline of success beyond expectations



Honor Roll: 83% of the student body

UOG Chemical Competition: First Place Individual: Norma Phillips of the class of 2010, and First Place Group: Norma Phillips and Justine Denusta (class of 2011)

Guam Mock trial Champions: Team captain Lucas Shimizu (class of 2010), members Jacques Diambra Odi (class of 2010), Dara Namazi (class of 2010), Monica Civille (class of 2010), Aaron Quitugua (class of 2012), Ryan Raguindin (class of 2011) and AJ Sholing (class of 2011)

National Latin Exam Award: Magna Cum Laude: Jacques Diambra Odi (class of 2010)

National Mock Trial Competition in Atlanta, Georgia: STA team ranked 29th out of 42 teams nationwide; Most Outstanding Attorney: Lucas Shimizu (class of 2010); Most Outstanding Witness: Monica Civille (class of 2010); STA team won the only trophy for the 2009 Professionalism Award.

MVP in Tennis (in affiliation with Okkodo High School): Alex Cornwell of the class of 2009


MVP in Soccer (in affiliation with Okkodo High School): Jacques Diambra Odi of the class of 2010




Guam Islandwide Science Fair Competition: First Place, Human and Medical Category: Norma Phillips (class of 2010)

Guam Mock Trial Champions: Team captain Lucas Shimizu (class of 2010), members Chirag Bhojwani (class of 2013), Jacques Diambra Odi (class of 2010), Dara Namaz (class of 2010), Monica Civille (class of 2010), Regina Mandanas (class of 2012), Ryan Raguindin (class of 2011), Francene Reyes (class of 2012), Joel Tribaudini (class of 2011). Best Witness for Guam: Jacques Diambra Odi (class of 2010). Team ranked 12th out of 44 teams nationwide

National Latin Exam: Magna Cum Laude: Monica Civille (class of 2010); Magna cum laude: Jacques Diambra Odi (class of 2010)

President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Jacques Diambra Odi (class of 2010); Dara Namazi (class of 2010); Norma Phillips (class of 2010); Lucas Shimizu (class of 2010)

AP exams: forty percent obtained perfect score of five; one hundred percent passed with score of three or higher




Textbook publication by Mr. Tim Smit, social studies teacher at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School. Title: Over Seas and Time: A Micronesian History Textbook. Published by the FSM Department of Education, Pohnpei, and used in public and private schools in the FSM

National History Day (NHD): Regina Mandanas (class of 2012) and James Losongco (class of 2012) represented Guam in Washington DC and won the Outstanding State Award

Guam record in free style and butterfly in swimming: Pilar Shimizu of the class of 2013

AP exams: AP scholar: Yuhao Guo (class of 2011)

Production of GODSPELL, the musical (Guam and Hong Kong)

IIAAG Golf (Girls): second place

Guam High School Mock Trial Competition: Third time champions: Joel Tribaudini (class of 2011), Whitney Quinley (class of 2013), Jhonatan Lee (class of 2014), Ashanti Mitchell (class of 2014), Janielle Cuala (class of 2014), Stella Bae (class of 2014), Naomi Nakajima (class of 2014), Mike Yoon (class of 2014) and Kyra Rocco (class of 2014)

Marianas Cadet of the Year: Ashantie Mitchell (class of 2014)

Junior Achievement: Anthony Shen (class of 2013)

Gold medalist in Jiu Jitsu (California): Jonah Whitt (class of 2014)

NHD:First place Documentary (individual): Pilar Righetti (class of 2014); Second place Documentary (group): Sarahgin Dumaraog (class of 2013) and Steven Yang (class of 2013); Second place Performance (group): Aziz Sabeti (class of 2014) and Ashanti Mitchell (class of 2014)

Guam marathon first place: Mr. Tim Smit (social studies teacher)

STA Mock Trial Team at the Nationals:Team ranked 27 out of 48. Most outstanding attorney: Whitney Quinley (class of 2013)

STA ACB team ranked fourth place Island wide

AMC first place Island wide: Janhvi Bhojwani (class of 2014)

Science Fair first place overall Island wide: Peter Leng (class of 2013)

Science Fair first place Physical Science category (Islandwide): Janhvi Bhojwani (class of 2014)

National Latin Exam: Magnacum laude:Gia Righetti (class of 2012); Cum laude: Scott Han (class of 2012)




International Water Forum, Shizuoka, Japan: First place Water and Life Category: Teryn Cathahay (class of 2012), Sarahgin Dumaraog (class of 2013) and Alissa Shida (class of 2012)

Japan Super Science Fair, Kyoto, Japan: First place in robotics: Daniel Crepell (class of 2013)

Guam Symphony Young Artists Competitions: Second place: Shana Yang (class of 2014)

Tumon Bay Music Festival Competition (individual): First place: Shana Yang (class of 2014); Second place: Steven Yang (class of 2013)

Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) OutstandingService Award: Steven Yang (class of 2013)

IIAAG Golf Tournament: Third place: Boys and Girls

IIAAG Wrestling Champion (110lbs): Jonah Whitt (class of 2014)

IIAAG All Island Girls Tennis Team: Emmanuelle Haurillon (class of 2014)

IIAAG All Island Girls Rugby Team: Gia Righetti (class of 2013)

Model UN Conference at Berkely, California: Priscilla Manglona (class of 2014), Breian McKinnon (class of 2014), Julia Faye Munoz (class of 2014), Ana Pierson (class of 2014), Connor Sablan (class of 2014), Jillianne Tapel (class of 2014), Silas Yow (class of 2013)


2011 Guam Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness Award: Mr. Pepe Laflamme (science and PE teacher)


2012 Island-Wide Guam History Day Competition: Gold Medals: Ai Motomura & Rosario Perez – group documentary, Shana Yang – individual exhibit, Leonardo Orsini – paper, Caleb Skvaril – individual performance, Julia Faye Munoz – individual website, Kyra Rocco & Janielle Cuala – group performance, Silver Medals: Kai Lona Barrer – individual documentary, Mike Yoon – individual website, Steven Yang – individual exhibit, Bronze Medal: Dominick Couzijn - paper


Guam Mock Trial Champions (fourth year in a row): Team captain: Whitney Quinley; members: Janielle Cuala, Daniel Liu, Crystal Mendoza,Ashantie Mitchell, Kyra Rocco, Audell Sabeti and Mike Yoon. Best Witness: Mike Yoon Best Attorney: Whitney Quinley


STA team ranked 8th out of 46 states andterritories nationwide (2012 National Mock Trial Competition, Albuquerque, NM).Team captain: Whitney Quinley; members: Janielle Cuala, Daniel Liu, CrystalMendoza, Ashantie Mitchell, Francene Reyes, Kyra Rocco and Mike Yoon. Advisor: Dr. Guile. Coaches: Atty. Leslie Travis and Melissa Mendoza. Most Outstanding Attorney at the nationals (2012): WhitneyQuinley (one of nine attorneys selected over more than 250 nationwide)

National Merit Scholarship candidates for 2012 (top 3% of the nation): Whitney Quinley (class of 2013) Joseph Tamayo (class of 2013)


Exhibit of STA student at the National Museum of American History in Washington DC on June 13, 2012: Shana Yang (class of 2014) US


Naval Academy summer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program participant: Ashantie Mitchell (class of 2014)