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ESLRs (Updated: 6/11/2012)

||| The Aquinas Graduate at Graduation

St Thomas Aquinas focuses on providing quality leadership, offering programs of educational excellence, and preparing students for a truly Christian life. Catholic High Schools are an integral expression of the teaching mission of the Catholic Church, and are therefore committed to developing persons who are the beneficiaries of the rich heritage and legacy of Catholic Education. The Aquinas program strives to address all facets of our students’ experience: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual.

Through our educational endeavors, we believe our graduates have been given the skills and tools to adapt to a multicultural society and be productive members of the world community by exercising power and influence for the good of others as Christ-centered leaders of the 21st century.

Aquinas graduates are persons of
Christian Community Who
  • Collaborate with others to work for social justice
  • Respect and demonstrate care for the environment as stewards of God’s creation
  • Demonstrate a reverence for life and a genuine respect for all traditions, cultures, and peoples

    Aquinas graduates are persons of
Holistic Intellectual Integrity Who
  • Articulate ideas clearly and effectively through oral, written, and artistic expression and creative means
  • Demonstrate critical and creative thinking in problem-solving by employing prior knowledge and higher order thinking skills
  • Understand and appreciate the value of life-long learning

Aquinas graduates are persons of
Responsibility Who
  • Empower others for the positive transformation of society
  • Lead by example to embrace change and meet challenges in light of the Gospel message
  • Display empathy for global issues and participate in finding solutions to global concerns

Aquinas graduates are persons of
Inspiring Faith Who
  • Consciously live and reflect the Gospel values in their daily lives
  • Respect and appreciate the diversity of religious thought and expression
  • Commit to integrating spirituality with their life work

Aquinas graduates are persons of
Strength Who
  • Have the knowledge of and foundation for good personal habits for a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Participate regularly in activities which support healthy lifestyles
  • Maintain a balance in all five dimensions of health (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual)

Aquinas graduates are persons of
Truth Who
  • Connect different academic disciplines in an effort to harmonize faith and culture
  • Are enriched by the foundation of the Word of God in all intellectual and spiritual inquiry
  • Are motivated by their desire for knowledge